Wavesong is an power of illusion, it’s origin is unknown but it seems to originate from Rebma and is somewhat connected to Tir’nogoth. A learned power similar to sorcery, it is relatively easy to bring to bear and can be useful in many situations. Wavesong has three Aspects, Banshee Siren and Phantasm.

A note on Illusions-

Illusions are always based on psyche. The advantage is almost always with the Singer in the creation of illusions, illusions that are already in a room will almost always be believed at least initially, even by somebody of much higher psyche. Illusions created while people are watching are more contested, though there will almost always be at least some time where the illusion takes hold.

Basic Wavesong 15 Points-

Banshee - Piercing Cry -At this level of Banshee the singer may sing piercing notes in an attempt to psychically attack a foe. This can be done as a single note, which requires psychic superiority or a “string” of notes which takes longer but has a more reliable effect. Effects of Banshee can be disorientation or temporary stuns. Character’s hit by this will take minor psychic damage though it has diminishing effects.

Siren Siren’s Song – At this level of Siren the singer may attempt to seduce a target with the beauty of the song. This requires psychic superiority which is somewhat based on situation. The more hostile the situation the harder it is to do. Multiple targets may be selected but each additional target is a significant drain. While the song continues the singer is very limited on actions, but her targets are limited as well. They will defend themselves but will make no move to attack the singer. Often they will listen to basic commands put into the song.

Craft Illusion - Illusions may now be created by the singer. The more complex the illusion the longer it takes to craft, though practiced illusions may be done more quickly. Illusions that are not static require constant singing by the crafter.


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